At Living Soil Solutions we assess the needs of your plant by focusing on the needs of your soil.  We make sure optimal soil biology and chemistry are present, active, and in the right concentrations to achieve a healthy environment.  Whether you're growing turf or trees, our approach is adaptable and effective. Our comprehensive soil analysis will determine the condition of your soil and allow us to address any deficiencies that may be present. Our compost tea introduces beneficial microbes to your soil to correct imbalances, cycle nutrients, sequester carbon, and suppress disease. A resulting symbiosis occurring between the plant and microbial community is thus regenerative and efficient.  The goal is to nurture this relationship.

Our Bio-mineral program can work for you. Give us a call today!


Our biological and mineral program fully supports the needs of the plant.  Once plants receive the minerals they need, they are able to produce the enzymes that promote health and resist disease.


Trees prefer a soil that is fungal dominant. We provide the fungi in our compost teas, biostimulants, and specialized microbial inoculants. Our trace minerals assist in the formation of enzymes which encourage a healthy immune system. We'll help you achieve a tastier harvest year after year.


Lets face it, healthy soil equals healthy plant. The time to start improving your soil is now and Living Soil Solutions can help. We'll provide the missing links so you can focus on growing a more nutritious, resilient crop.