We provide solutions that are ecologically responsible and effective.  Our goal is to reverse the current trend of soil degradation and pollution by eliminating unsustainable practices and adopting new innovative ways to promote regeneration, health, and beauty.


Soil Testing and Analysis

A comprehensive report detailing the state of your soil. A resource that can be utilized over and over again and a way to monitor inputs over time. 

Compost Tea

We use compost tea to introduce beneficial microbes to the growing environment. It’s a process that involves extracting the biology from high quality compost into an aerobic water solution that can then be applied directly to the soil and foliage. Each batch is analyzed under the microscope to ensure the concentration and diversity of organisms are in the range we desire. These microbes are living, breathing, and reproducing organisms. We apply them when their numbers are high, usually after 24 hours of aeration. They serve and influence a myriad of functions in nature including nutrient cycling, aggregate formation, carbon sequestration, disease suppression, etc.…

Mineral Tea

We apply minerals to account for missing elements that plants need to function.  We call it “mineral tea” because we like to apply it with biology to encourage the symbiosis between the microbes, minerals, and plant.  The minerals are a micronized blend of trace elements small enough to penetrate the plant cell membrane. They encourage the formation of enzymes which drive metabolic processes. 

Specialized Microbes

Our specialized microbes protect your plant from pathogens and help convert nutrients into usable forms. They can be applied through drip irrigation, foliar sprays, or dry mixed with seed when planting. When used in conjunction with our minerals, field trials have shown increases in yield, climate stress tolerance, disease protection, and increased germination rates.  There are two different blends, one for soil and one for foliage.

Application Services

Living Soil Solutions is equipped to apply all our products in the field.